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Olympic $1500 Champions League Contest

First of all, let us thank Spiros and the folks at Olympic Sports for sponsoring this contest.

Contest Layout

This contest will mirror the Champions League layout. We will have "group stages" and "elimination rounds". The contest will start on December 9th on UEFA Champions League Matchday 6 and conclude with the Champions League final on May 26th, 2004. There will be 8 qualifying rounds, based on the UEFA Champions League schedule. The best performing contestant each week will advance to the head to head elimination round (8 contestants). A random draw will determine the elimination round pairings for the quarterfinals and later for the semifinals. The best score in each matchup advances to the semifinals and then to the final.

Round Schedule
Round 1: December 9, 2003 - Winner: foxtrott
Round 2: December 10, 2003 - Winner: andrejbt
Round 3: February 24, 2004 - Winner: Wolfbull
Round 4: February 25, 2004 - Winner: NatureBoy
Round 5: March 9, 2004 - Winner: michaels return
Round 6: March 10, 2004 - Winner: Egis
Round 7: March 23, 2004 - Winner: Harverster
Round 8: March 24, 2004 - Winner: ingrius

Elimination Schedule
Quarterfinals: April 6-7,2004
Seminfinals: April 20- May 5,2004
Final: May 26,2004

Prize Structure

East qualifying round winner received $100 in their Olympic account. The winner of the elimination round receives $500 while the runner up wins $200.


1. Contestants have to pick each game listed for the current round AND the tiebreaker in order to have a valid entry.
2. If your entry does not include all games, it will be considered invalid.
3. All picks have to be in by the official game time of the earliest game of the round. Late entried will be invalid.
4. All plays are for 1 unit wagered. If you select a winner at 1.85 odds, you will win 0.85 units. If you pick a winner at 2.10, you will win 1.10 for that pick. You will always lose 1.00 units for each incorrect pick.
6. The player with the highest units won each week is declared the winner for that round. In the event of a tie, the contestant that comes closest to the tiebreaker is declared the winner.
7. No contestant can win more than one round prize.
8. All plays must be put in the forum in the thread clearly designated for that specific round (ie Olympic Champions League Contest - Round 1). No plays will be accepted via email.
9. A thread with the odds for each round will be up in the forum at least 48 hours prior to the first game of each round.

Admin Rules

1. All contestants must be registered members at Olympic Sports. If you do not have an account at Olympic Sports, you will have to open one following this link in order to participate in this contest. No deposit necessary.
2. All accounts require a 4 times rollover according to the rules of Olympic Sports.
3. All winners must have at least 25 forum posts in order to participate in the elimination rounds.
4. All contestants will need to email us at their Olympic account number and their forum posting name BEFORE the start of the round containing their first picks in the contest.

FootballStart reserves the right to alter rules for situations uncovered by the published rules.
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